Release date:  May 2013

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Rated by as one of the 10 Best Books of the Month (May 2013) within the Business & Leadership category. 

(Written by Sharon Birkman Fink, CEO of Birkman International and Stephanie Capparell, Wall Street Journal senior special writer and bestselling author of Shackleton's Way.)

* In this book, I share several stories from individuals and organizations I've worked with over the years.   




An increased understanding of your personal preferences, or more simply, “how you’re wired”, gives you a better understanding not only of yourself, but those around you.

These insights into human behavior are invaluable. Understanding how we tick allows us to put ourselves in the place of most potential. Understanding how others tick drives human connectivity.

Certifications: The Birkman Method, Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), PDI 360, and Emotional Intelligence.

Featured Assessment:


Birkman Method, Senior Consultant

The Birkman Method® combines various dimensions of an individual into one single assessment and provides a comprehensive analysis that can be formatted in a great number of reporting structures. 

This personality assessment provides the following major perspectives:  usual behavior, underlying needs, stress behaviors, organizational focus, and interests.  

 The Birkman Method 

Candid conversations.  Meaningful feedback.  Successful strategies. 


If personality assessments reveal how one is wired, then Coaching examines how that wiring creates success.   

Coaching is an intentionally created relationship where conversations are centered on how one is thinking, feeling, acting, learning, leading or relating.  


Coaching is not telling people what to do; it’s giving them a chance to examine what they are doing in light of their intentions.



“Playing with how you think” takes center stage during an Improve Thru Improv® session by merging business acumen with applied improvisation principles.  This entertaining and energetic platform provides participants an opportunity to examine and experiment with individual behaviors and leadership styles.  Through insight, perspective and humor, participants will experience greater self-awareness and thought leadership.  

Academic and development discussions include:  finding your voice, creating executive presence, storytelling, increasing divergent problem solving skills, driving creativity and innovation, understanding exposure to risk, maintaining a sense of humor, collaboration.  All of these components have very real-world business application.  

See for yourself why so many organizations are merging this art form with business thinking.  

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