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Monday, August 7, 2017 at 09:28AM



“The Workmatters Institute is an intensive 16-week faith and leadership development course for a small cohort of young professionals. Improve Thru Improv is a crucial piece of our program. The experience does a fantastic job of building strong relationships across our cohort, and the principles of Improv relate directly to how these young leaders can better navigate the reality of their workplaces. We always leave this session with a creative spark, energized by the experience and the insightful conversations that follow. Whether it’s used primarily as team building, leadership development, or as a way to get fresh perspective on a complex problem, I’d highly recommend this platform.” 

Ben Kirksey | VP and General Manager | Workmatters


“For us, kicking off our executive leadership development program with an Improv workshop was a wonderful way to accomplish our two main goals: 1) Participants had fun and got to know each other in a different light. 2) They came away with an enhanced sense of self-awareness both as people and leaders. The relationships built and new insights into themselves laid a wonderful foundation from which to begin their journey through our leadership development program which has a heavy emphasis on emotional intelligence.”

Amy Ballard, MEd | HR Sr. Consultant, Org Dev | University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences


"Applied Improvisation took me by surprise. Hearing the word “improv” - I immediately think of a good time. That’s an understatement. Not only was it a GREAT time, I learned more about my personality as well as my colleagues and peers. It was challenging, but in the best way. It took something so simple and fun (yelling in someone’s face – yes that’s fun) and turned it into something valuable to live out everyday. It helped eliminate (okay… decrease) irrational fear. It taught me to relinquish control, speak confidently, say yes, and most importantly for me – be true to myself. Applied Improvisation sounds intimidating and fun at the same time, but it’s so much more than that. You have to experience it for yourself."

Claire (Meadors) Reed | Digital & Media Producer | Saatchi & Saatchi X


"The Next STEP leadership program is focused on creating fast, agile, and innovative decision makers that are equipped and confident to take risks and solve problems for our customers and stakeholders. So, you might wonder what does Improv have to do with that?

I met Stacey Mason in the summer of 2016 at a Birkman conference. She hosted a brief Improve Thru Improv® session that was fun and thought provoking. I learned something new about myself that day. Later that year we were developing curriculum for a front-line manager leadership program to be launched in 2017.  My exposure to Stacey and her Improv session flashed in my mind. The experiential learning was just what we needed to add to our program to stimulate a new way of thinking and behaving. 

With our goals in mind, Stacey delivered a half-day Improve Thru Improv® workshop. The Next STEP participants, who are members of the Energy Performance Contracting group at Schneider Electric, were challenged to make fast decisions and perform on the spot to enhance a scene and support their teammates. Taking this highly technical group of people out of their comfort zone and putting them on a stage was key in bringing out their creativity and exposing their self-limiting beliefs in a safe and fun environment. Using the concept of “Yes, and….” they were forced to quickly assess a situation, listen for understanding, decide how to add value, and then do something! It was amazing to see how smoothly the team aligned after several rounds of practice.  

The Improve Thru Improv® experience was fun and relevant to our mission to create fast, agile and innovative decision makers. The Improv concepts teach you to trust your instincts, be yourself, make decisions, support and align with a team, borrow the behaviors you need, and that it’s ok to make mistakes. The Next STEP participants are using their skills on the job to encourage new ideas and innovation by simply adding “Yes, and…” to their conversations."

Sidney Avlos | Manager of Strategic Initiatives | Schneider Electric

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